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Pecan Irrigation

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Vortex Flow Amplifier

Helping you make the most of your energy

  • Vortex Flow Amplifier increases capacity in existing pipelines
  • Delivers higher flow rates for the same pump energy
  • Maintains flow assurance by preventing sediment blockage
  • Reduces pumping loads and lowers pumping opex
  • Assures longer, more reliable pump life and higher uptime
  • Reduces manpower and maintenance opex

The Vortex Flow Amplifier

  • Has no moving parts
  • Neither requires nor consumes energy
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Its fixed profile, mass-balanced design eliminates vibration
  • Has inherent soft backflow characteristics
  • Offers flexible line integration with industry standard connectors
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Pecan Irrigation

Your Challenges :

  • Inefficient, costly irrigation
  • Patchy, unreliable flow
  • Operating costs too high
  • Maintenance costs too high
  • Sediment clogging pipes
  • Costly, frequent backwashing
  • Lower crop quality and yields despite costly irrigation, opex and maintenance
  • Lower cashflow

Our Solutions :

  • Reliable, efficient irrigation across all fields
  • Higher flow through existing pipes and pumps with reduced energy costs
  • Operating & maintenance cost savings
  • Vortex clears and keeps lines clear
  • Backwashing costs and time saved
  • Flow assurance across entire orchard
  • Improved yields and higher quality from improved irrigation
  • Permanent operating cost reductions
  • Operating savings and higher yields -> improved cashflow
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