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About Us

Necessity and invention have long been close companions.

It takes special engineering minds, however, to pursue the challenges of necessity through to practical and reliable solutions.

GS Vortex Systems is the new standard for cost reduction and flow assurance in piping systems. We deliver unmatched flow efficiency and system productivity.

Our technology is designed to address flow problems at their core. Developed from the mining industry, we were able to move heavy and abrasive slurries much more efficiently with less wear and energy. The result was a step-change in increased uptime and productivity.

Other irrigation and flow engineers long ago gave up on reducing flow resistance and have worked to overcome the problem with increased pumping energy, larger pipes or both. Vortex’s best-in-class products overcome flow resistance in an entirely new way to solve the most challenging flow problems.

Whether it’s water for irrigation or high-density slurries, we optimize systems to deliver higher, assured flow rates for the same pump energy. From drip systems to pivot irrigation, our products have no moving parts, consume no energy, need no maintenance and install easily to all pipes. The result is reduced pumping costs, increased yields and decarbonized operations.

Our clients know their systems well, and our focus is on improving their system performance cost-effectively with customized Vortex products for flow assurance, de-bottlenecking, adding flow capacity or any combination of these. We form close collaborative teams with clients to most effectively understand and achieve their specific cost reduction and productivity improvement targets. This is how we remove our clients’ pain and deliver compelling gains.

Fit, forget and finally achieve reliable operations without constant interruptions or supervision.

GS Vortex Systems is based in Austin, TX and was founded by a team of inspired engineers dedicated to fundamentally reimagining how fluid should flow for optimal system efficiency and performance.

GS Vortex Systems. Flow better.

Paul Schmidt, Director of Engineering
Following forty years in global mining projects at major corporations from Westinghouse to Komatsu, Paul’s experience and problem-solving expertise was highly valued at Board levels and he remains sought-after today, several years after co-founding GS Vortex Systems!

Avi Ghosh, CEO
Avi spent forty years in the global oil industry at major corporations from Exxon to Sinopec. His technical and management experience complements his commitment to achieving radical beneficial change with GS Vortex Systems’ innovative technology.