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Vortex Flow Amplifier

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Helping you make the most of your energy.

  • Vortex flow amplifier increases capacity in existing pipelines
  • Delivers higher flow rates for the same pump energy
  • Reduces pumping loads and lowers pumping opex
  • Assures longer, more reliable pump life and higher uptime
  • Reduces manpower and maintenance opex

The Vortex Flow Amplifier

  • Has no moving parts
  • Neither requires nor consumes energy
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Its fixed profile, mass-balanced design eliminates vibration
  • Has inherent soft backflow characteristics
  • Is fully compatible with pipeline batching and pigging operations
  • Supports aquatic migration


Your Challenges:

  • Ship Channel Navigation Assurance
  • Riverway & Harbor Access Assurance
  • Sustainable Inland Waterway Habitat Protection
  • Coastal Control & Protection

Our Solution:

  • Increase Existing Dredge Line Capacity
  • Maximize Dredging Rates with No Additional Energy
  • Reduce Pipe & Elbow Wear, Increasing Operating Uptime
  • Reduce Capex & Operating Costs
  • Higher productivity during short seasonal operating windows
  • Ensure Timely & Cost-Effective Project Performance
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